Presidential Polls 2012: With Obama and Romney Tied at 47, Must Do 5 Critical Things to Win


As the 2012 election season enters its final stage, President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney are in a statistical dead heat in terms of national polling, with Romney holding a slight 0.9% lead.

must strategize to obtain the lead he desperately needs in the polls in hopes of being reelected. It is crunch time for the president, as he continues along the campaign trail. So what is in appropriate plan of action that Obama can utilize in the remaining days of his presidency?

Here are five potential keys to an Obama victory.

1. Secure the youth vote.

In the 2008 election, Obama was able to turn on his charm to win over America’s youth. It can be assumed that young voters were excited at the prospect of electing the first African-American president, as is evident from the astounding 22 million young Americans who voted, giving the 2012 election one of the highest ratings in the polls in U.S. history.

As of now, Obama seems to appeal to young voters more than his opponent, Mitt Romney, but November 6 may prove otherwise.

2. Win Ohio.

When it comes to electoral votes, Obio is a key battleground state for Obama. Obama campaigned in the swing state after a 48-hour traveling period between Ohio, the east coast, and then back to Ohio on Sunday.

"I need you, Ohio. America needs you, Ohio," said the president at a rally last Thursday. . . As of now Obama has a solid two point average lead in Ohio polls.

However, this state is still anyone’s game and Obama is fully aware of that.

3. Regain women's support.

Another demographic that Obama must pay close attention to make up over half the population: women.

According to the 2010 census, women outnumber men in the U.S by approximately 5 million. Women's votes are critical for Obama, especially when it comes to swing states. If Obama can secure the female vote, then he may be one step closer to a second term.

4. Play on his strengths.

Obama certainly has an advantage over Romney in regards to speech-making. Although Romney held his own during the recent debates from the past couple of weeks, Obama’s oratory skills still triumph.

Now that the debates have come to a close, Obama must address as many Americans as possible in the allotted time he has before November 6. Obama has continued along the campaign trail this week in Chicago. However, it may be wise of him to make weekly addresses on his YouTube channel like he did in his last campaign to reach more potential voters.

5. Be smart.

One last strategy Obama must consider is to disassociate from what is now known as “dirty politics."

Recently, Obama hasn’t been shy about making jabs at his Republican opponent Mitt Romney. In a speech give in Fairfax, Virginia, on October 19, Obama criticized Romney’s back-and-forth behavior on certain issues, claiming that Romney’s indecisiveness was a case of “Romnesia”. While this play on words excited the crowds, it was not necessarily in the best of taste. Obama should spend more time focusing on his agenda for a possible second term, rather than stoop to the level of several disrespectful politicians.

President Obama certainly has his work cut out for him, but if he utilizes these five strategies outlined here, then a second term may be very promising come November 6.