Latest Presidential Polls: Obama and Romney Tied in Key State That Could Decide Election


While Ohio remains hotly contested and is the most prized possession according to the pundits, Wisconsin is quietly setting itself up to be the deciding factor in Election 2012. With 10 Electoral College votes, Wisconsin is mentioned in the same breath with a combination of Nevada or Colorado or Iowa or New Hampshire to provide Romney with a winning path, absent Ohio.

On October 26th, Rasmussen released a poll showing a dead heat at 49% - 49% between Romney and Obama in Wisconsin. Let's dig a little deeper. Romney leads 51% to 47% among the 96% of voters that indicate they are sure to vote. It’s Romney 51%, Obama 48% when you take the 90% of the survey that indicated they have made up their mind. Let's take a look at why the enthusiasm factor seems to be waning among Wisconsin Democrats.

Like the streets of Iran where they chanted, "Obama, Obama... are you with us?" Dems in Wisconsin were pleading for support from President Obama and the DNC as they took on Governor Scott Walker in a recall effort. The same silence was heard which just might be the deciding factor in getting Democrats to the polls this November 6th.

Is Mitt Romney really so good at assessing situations that he determined Paul Ryan would be the deciding factor in the deciding state and not Rob Portman of Ohio? If this does, indeed, prove to be the winning strategy, perhaps we should take a closer look at the man who is often criticized in real-time yet is shown to be prescient in hindsight.