'Overwatch' actors for Sombra and Lúcio filmed their very charming, tipsy bar hangout


By now, you're probably already aware that the Overwatch voice actors Carolina Ravassa and Anjali Bhimani, who voice Sombra and Symmetra, are very, very cute friends in real life — but it appears someone else is joining the squad: Jonny Cruz, who voices Lúcio.

In a new video on Ravassa's YouTube channel, you can see Ravassa and Cruz hanging out at a bar together, debating whose character has the better "boop" voice line and trying to recite each other's dialogue from memory. Ravassa's first guess at Lúcio's ultimate voice line is, "Oh, let's get down in here!"

All the while, they're trying to stay classy and quiet in what is likely a pretty swanky New York City bar. Unsurprisingly, it's absurdly charming.

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