'The Flash' season 3, episode 20 finally reveals Savitar's identity


It has been a long time coming, but The Flash finally answered the question fans have been scratching their heads over for months: Who the heck is Savitar? Prior to the big reveal, there had been hints on the CW series. Barry even came close on several occasions to learning his adversary's identity, but always to no avail. 

[Editor's Note: Major spoilers ahead for season three, episode 20 of The Flash.]

Most recently, the Flash traveled to 2024 to solve the mystery of Savitar's identity, only to discover that his future self never figured it out. Fans may have even started to wonder if they would ever figure it out. The tag to last week's episode of The Flash featured Savitar revealing himself to Caitlin Snow, but — much like I am doing in this recap — frustratingly extended the torture for fans. 

With time running out for Barry, and The Flash's third season, Barry and the audience now know that Barry Allen and Savitar are one and the same. Take a moment and let that sink in. Ready? OK, let's move on. 

The big reveal is both shocking and completely expected. Barry Allen has for some time been one of the more common names floated around the internet in discussions over Savitar's identity. In fact, the future Barry Allen was likely the most common name — along with Wally West (my guess). 

Dean Buscher/The CW

Past teases from the cast, particularly Grant Gustin, made it seem like The Flash would go in an unexpected direction. This is what makes the reveal so shocking — it was so completely expected. 

Rather than take a name out of left field like Ronnie Raymond or maybe Jay Garrick, The Flash has once again been beaten to the punch by its rabid fan base. But this is not necessarily a problem. Actually, it is quite welcome. 

While the writers arguably (or definitely) forced fans to wait a tad too long to find out for certain that Barry is Savitar — even pushing the reveal until the final moments of episode 20 — the result makes quite a bit of sense. And certainly more than whatever convoluted explanation would be used to justify a surprise. 

Like fans have been doing for months, Barry figures out the truth by replaying events in his memory, looking for hidden clues. He remembers that Savitar said he created himself, with his thoughts quickly turning to the villain killing Iris (and thus creating his own despair). Savitar speaking through Julian and saying that he is "the future Flash," now can be taken literally. 

Everything else begins fall into place — like Wally West's catatonic state — and it is all about love. Love can be a powerful motivator, and Barry realizes that without his — Iris West — he will become his worst enemy. He will become Savitar.

Going forward, this is going to make Team Flash's job quite difficult. How can you stop someone that is not only from the future, but has lived every decision you make? Savitar literally knows Barry's every move; he's already made them. It appears that the solution will be getting rid of Barry's memories. 

Whether that helps at all is uncertain. But with only three episodes remaining, Team Flash better figure out how to stop the future Barry — and fast! One solution that is likely off the table? Barry will not kill himself à la Eddie Thawne in season one ... right? 

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