Did your Instagram story upload fail? Here's what to do.

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In August, Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram introduced a live video option called Instagram Stories, a feature similar to Snapchat Stories. Users have the option to upload video and photo content — or take a Boomerang — and make edits by adding text, stickers, mentions and links. Unlike Instagram posts, which remain saved to your profile, the content disappears after 24 hours. According to the company, Instagram Stories has 200 million monthly active users.

But every now and then, an Instagram story will fail to upload. Here's what to do when that happens.

Figure out if it's a bug

Sometime's it a bug. Case in point: On Monday, Instagram confirmed on Twitter a bug was preventing some iOS and Android users from uploading Stories. A good way to gauge this is to hit up Instagram's official Twitter to see if the company's made a statement. If it has, sit back and wait for the fixes. If it hasn't, browse Twitter to find out if other users are complaining about the same issue.

Relaunch the app

It's not a bug. Now what? You can get a clean start by relaunching the app on your device. This way, if your app is acting up or it's a glitch from your phone, you can start over from scratch.

Check your Wi-Fi

If relaunching doesn't work, check your Wi-Fi connection. Are you getting service? Is your Wi-Fi connection strong? If you're out in public, sometimes it helps to turn off Wi-Fi and use your mobile data when uploading to Stories. In general, error messages could be connection-related if you're in a busy place.

Restart your phone

If all else fails, restart your phone. Rebooting your device can provide the jumpstart you need. You should also check whether Instagram has a new app update. If so, download it before restarting to see if that helps. Instagram also advises uninstalling and reinstalling the application.