Latest Presidential Polls: Swing State Polls Indicate Possible Election Night Mess

As the presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney gets down to its final hours, both candidate are fighting hard for every vote they can get. The candidates and their running mates have been feverishly campaigning in several swing states ahead of what should be one of the closest presidential elections in U.S. history. Polls from three key swing states in particular are very close: Ohio, Virginia, and Florida. Ohio may be the most important of all, as no Republican has ever been elected to the presidency without winning Ohio. According to the Real Clear Politics aggregate poll average, Obama leads Romney by 2.1% in Ohio:

Meanwhile, Romney leads Obama 2.1% in Florida:

And Romney also leads Obama by 1.5% n Virginia

All three of these states are within margins of error, so they are either candidate's to win. Ohio's early voting make things a bit more difficult for Romney, as he trails Obama by five points among these voters. Obama has a 45 point lead among Latino voters which could help him in Florida. For Florida, Ohio, and Virginia it will all come down to the wire. Unless polling ends up being startlingly inaccurate, we can expect the candidates to finish within a couple of points of each other at the most.