'Outlast 2': All video recording locations


A lot of interesting aspects of Outlast 2's story is told through video recordings you can take at certain locations in the game. While you can always go back and get a recording if you've missed it, they're best watched in order as you go through the game.

Getting these collectibles is easy, all you have to do is have your camera pointed at the right location, and a small meter will appear. Once the meter is filled you can go into your recording menu and view the video at your leisure. Below, we've listed the locations of all 50 recordings available in Outlast 2, according to Prima Games and personal experience. Follow along and make sure you don't miss a single one.

Outlast 2 Chapter: Genesis recording locations

Recording 1: The Jane Doe Story Part 1

Outlast 2's first recording acts as the tutorial for the recording system. You get this recording when the game prompts you to record Lynn during the helicopter ride at the beginning of the game.

Recording 2: The Jane Doe Story Part 2

Like the above recording, you can't accidentally skip this one. During the helicopter ride at the start of the game, you'll be prompted to record Lynn a second time. After this, you'll find recording #2 in your video camera's menu.

Recording 3: The Wreckage

After your helicopter crashes, you'll be thrown a little ways from the wreckage. Make your way over to the burning chopper and train your camera on it for a few moments to get this recording.

Recording 4: The Crucified Pilot

Just past the helicopter, you'll see a body hanging on a post. Upon closer inspection, you'll see that it's the helicopter pilot, and he's been crucified. Point the camera at the body to collect this one.

Recording 5: The Impossible Town

Just past the crucified pilot, you'll find a dark path. Down the path, you'll need to slide down some steep ground, at the bottom of which you'll see a village. Point your camera at the village to receive this recording.

Recording 6: Remembering the Lost

Once you proceed into the village, you'll pass a barn with an eviscerated cow on the ground. Just past that is a house with a window that you can climb through. Before you enter the building through the window, point your camcorder at the nearby fence to get recording #6.

Recording 7: The Compound

After you escape the witch, you'll proceed through a barn, then through a small village. Once past the village, you can walk up a small hill. At the crest of this hill, you'll be able to see a church in the distance. Film the church to collect recording #7.

(Mic will continue to update this guide with more recordings as we discover them.)

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