Forward, the New Obama Video: A Final Push for Undecided Voters by Ne Yo


As President Obama and Mitt Romney go neck and neck towards what it could be the closest presidential contest ever, there is little room for error and any endorsement and external help by popular figures is always welcomed. 

That's why "Forward," the brand new grassroots song and music video in support of President Obama's re-election, produced by the executive producer behind the iconic "Yes We Can" music video of 2008 with, is being featured by the Obama campaign with the hopes of rescuing some of the magic that propelled the first African American president to the White House. 

Featuring Ne-Yo, Herbie Hancock, Johnny Rzeznik, Delta Rae and Natasha Bedingfield, the video for the #forwardsong was directed by Graham Henman and produced by Fred Goldring, the entrepreneur and strategic adviser who was also behind the 2008 smash hit "Yes We Can."

" ... I was getting really nervous about this election, sensing a palpable and growing discouragement and worrisome apathy among even previously strong supporters of the president. [...] the campaign slogan "Forward" was everywhere you turned, but I did not feel it was connecting with people on any visceral level," said Goldring about the way he approached the project this time around.   

And though the producer was initially reluctant to try to repeat the feat achieved during the 2008 historic election, the final product rescues some of the magic and purpose of Obama's first election along with a message of optimism and "finishing what we started together." 

"Forward" is a 100% grassroots effort and, according to its producers, it represents the best of what American democracy is all about: "people voluntarily coming together and lending their time, talents, services and support behind a cause they truly feel passionate about."