'Prey' Keycard Locations: Where to find the items needed to unlock doors


During your journey through Prey's primary location, Talos I, you'll run into quite a few locked doors that will require keycards to open. While some of these doors can be bypassed via alternate routes, they're often the most direct way through an area. Additionally, some doors will block you from progressing further in the game entirely unless you find the location of the right keycard to unlock them.

Below we'll show the location of each keycard locked door in Prey and how to find the item necessary to unlock it from our experience. These doors don't have to be unlocked in the order we've specified, but that's how we proceeded in our game. There are some spoilers further down, so we suggest caution lest you read something you don't want to.

Where to find the Simulation Lab keycard location

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There is a door you must unlock to exit the Simulation Lab portion of Talos I. This will be the first time you find a locked door of this nature in Prey, and past it is where the story really starts taking off. You can't bypass this door, but the keycard is luckily nearby. Opposite the locked door, you'll see a plant, to the right of it is Dr. Sylvain Bellamy's office. Enter the office and take the keycard, taking care to watch out for the Mimic that spawns in the room.

How to get the Trauma Center keycard

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Some keycards you'll find before you even see the doors to which they belong. The Trauma Center keycard can be found on Level 1 of the Talos I lobby. The nearby turrets will watch your back as you approach the counter located across from the shuttle bay entrance.

Snatch the keycard off the counter, and you'll be able to enter the Trauma Center located on Level 2. Be warned though, two very powerful Typhon lurk within, probably the most powerful you've seen yet in Prey. You might want to skip the area until you get more Neuromods and better weapons.

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You can also find this keycard in another location. In the hallway leading to Morgan Yu's office you can enter the office of Bianca Goodwin. Another keycard that will unlock the Trauma Center is on her desk.

Where to get Morgan Yu's Suite keycard

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You can find the keycard to Morgan Yu's suite in Morgan Yu's office. Between the TranStar exhibit and the security corridor, you'll see a set of stairs. Follow them all the way to the top and go to the right. At the end of this hall is Morgan Yu's office. Unfortunately, the door to the office is password-protected, but you can find the keycode very close by.

Go to the computer to the right of the office door. On the upper-left corner of the monitor, you'll see a sticky note with the computer's password on it. Use this to log onto the computer and read each email. In one of them, you'll find the passcode for the office door. Enter the office, and to the left, you'll see a table. On top of the table is Morgan Yu's Suite keycard along with some other helpful items.

Where to find the location of the Teleconferencing Center keycard

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The keycard to the Teleconferencing Center is also located in Morgan Yu's office. Just look to the right of the computer monitor on the desk, and you'll find it. The Teleconferencing Center is close by as well. Just head straight across the hallway from the office, and you can't miss it.

How to find the Maintenance Tunnel Keycard

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To get the keycard for the maintenance tunnel, you'll need to locate the body of Ramon Ridley. To help find the bodies of Talos I crew members you can swing by the Trauma Center first and activate the security terminal there. Once you find Ramon's body, head right past the Engineering Droid. Through the doorway, you'll find the Magnetosphere Control Room. Head right and climb the stairs.

You'll find yourself in a microgravity area with plasma shockwaves that can injure or kill you. Wait for a shockwave to pass by then head inside the Magnetosphere chamber and rush to the body nearby. The body is all that remains of Anders Kline and on his person is the Maintenance Tunnel keycard. Grab it and rush out before another plasma shockwave blasts you.

Where to get the Crew Quarters keycard

Once you make it to the Arboretum, head to the Deep Storage elevator. There will be some enemies just in front of the elevator, so take them out and head down to Deep Storage. In Deep Storage, you'll find the body of Zachary West. When you access his inventory, you'll have the opportunity to grab the Crew Quarters keycard.

(Editor's Note: We will add more keycard locations as we discover them.)

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