'Clash of Clans' Upcoming Update: Broken boat hints at possible ship feature


There's good news for devoted Clash of Clans players: Supercell's popular mobile multiplayer strategy game is teasing a big new update soon. We hope you don't get seasick.

Clash of Clans broken boat teaser hints at ship update

The Christian Post has a complete rundown of the trailer, which seems to tease the oft-rumored shipwreck feature. Basically, you'll be able to use a ship to manage multiple villages at once. That would be a big addition to the game, which has only gotten balance changes so far in 2017. 

Additionally, Twitter user Mythical Squad posted a supposed screenshot of the update and claims it confirms the presence of a shipyard. That means there will be even more things to manage and spend money on. There's no release date for this update yet.

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