Reports of beer delivery to GOP health care celebration called into question


May 6, 2017, 4:02 p.m.: Immediately after the House vote on the American Health Care Act, many outlets, including Mic, reported on a delivery of beer that was made to the Capitol building the day of the vote. Those reports were based on tweets and information from reporters on the scene, but no sources confirmed that the beer was being delivered to Republicans celebrating the AHCA passage. Paul Ryan's spokeswoman denied the claims on Twitter, and one reporter who initially tweeted about the delivery also clarified that she wasn't sure about the destination of the delivery. In light of questions about the veracity of these claims, Mic has updated this story and its headline to accurately reflect the verifiable information.

Mic's updated story appears below.

Within moments of passing the American Health Care Act, several cases of beer were wheeled through the Capitol building, prompting many to speculate they were intended for House Republicans who would be celebrating their legislative victory.

CBS News reported about the party from the Capitol.

"Republicans are not being modest in their victory," an anchor said on air. "They already have cases of beer standing by here at the Capitol." The network would later delete a tweet that announced the same news.

Several reporters on the scene tweeted about the beer, as well. One claimed she saw that Bud Light was the brand being wheeled into the capitol by the covered cartful. She later tweeted that it was unclear for whom the beer was intended.

After other outlets began to call into question the media's coverage of the beer delivery and whether or not they were intended for a post-ACHA-vote celebration, AshLee Strong, a spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), tweeted, "I trust everyone who tweeted about this will be issuing a correction tweet."