Twitter takes on Ryan Gosling's collar in new 'Blade Runner 2049' poster

Ryan Gosling may think twice the next time he steps outside in a risky outfit. Shortly after a new promo poster for Blade Runner 2049 hit the web Thursday morning, Twitter users immediately began speculating upon the star's alarmingly high-collared dystopian-chic ensemble.

One user pitted Gosling against Bane in a classic round of "Who Wore it Best":

FYI, we'd vote for Gosling. Even half of a Gosling mug is better than nothing.

But another user thought the collar/mist combo made the poster look like an ad for Eau de Gosling:

It wasn't long before fans were clamoring for more ... collar. 

@BrettRedcated asked, and Twitter delivered:

Just a little higher:

And this take, where Gosling apparently has a giraffe neck:

While we haven't really learned much more about the plot of Blade Runner 2049, we can at least expect some high-fashion Gosling looks. 

Ridley Scott, director of the original Blade Runner, has confirmed that a new trailer for 2049 will debut alongside Alien: Covenant, which hits theaters on May 19.  

In the meantime, we have this teaser trailer to keep us satisfied:

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