'Prey': All safe codes and locations


If the hour-long demo for Arkane Studios' new game Prey has convinced you to buy it, it's out May 5. While taking breaks from fighting Mimics with the game's GLOO Gun, you'll probably run across some safes locked with codes that contain precious items and upgrades. 

You'll want to make sure you grab them, and here are all the Prey safe keycode combinations we know as of right now.

Prey first safe code: How to find the combination for the first safe

According to Captain Eggcellent on YouTube, you'll find your first safe not long after beginning the game in the debriefing room. It's clearly marked as "Debriefing Room" and there's a giant, ominous red chair in it. The safe is off to the right-hand side of the room's entrance, but it's locked. And if you look to the left-hand side of the room, there's a whiteboard with an area clearly marked "The Safe Code Is" with the actual number rubbed out.

Captain Eggcellent/YouTube

If you follow your objectives, eventually you'll be able to watch a video briefing of yourself, and canny players will notice the video you're watching takes place in the same Debriefing Room you were in earlier. Look to the left-hand side of the video and you'll see the whiteboard, which now clearly has the code "5150" written on it.

Captain Eggcellent/YouTube

Head back to the Debriefing Room, enter in 5150 and the safe's contents will be yours. Not bad.

Prey Safe Locations: All the keycodes we know about right now

GamersHeroes has found six key codes in game, including the one in the Debriefing Room. If you need those items right now, here are the codes and the safes they belong to.

Security room safe in the Talos 1 Lobby

The keycode for this one is 0526. If you're confused about how to get there, you'll have to climb the yellow pipes above the security door to gain entry.

Ballistics safe keycode in the Hardware Labs

This is a dynamic safe, which means the code changes on each playthrough. You'll find the code behind a metal grate on your way into the lab, and you'll need to move it with either explosives or the Leverage 1 skill.

Director Thornstein's office safe in the Hardware Labs

There's a sticky note with "ES and XE" written on it nearby, so enter in 9954 (the combination of Einsteinium and Xenon's periodic numbers).

Dr. Kelstrup's safe keycode in Psychotronics

This safe is tied to story progression. You'll get the code while doing the mission where you scan things with the Psychoscope, but the combination is 3181.

Magnetosphere safe in G.U.T.S.

The code for the Magnetosphere safe is located in a bathroom nearby, behind some toilet paper on some shelves. The code is 9754, and the Magnetosphere itself is connected to the Maintenance tunnel area.

If a code doesn't work, there's a chance it's dynamic — so make sure you poke around everywhere you can, in order to find the combination.

(Editor's Note: More safe keycodes will be added as we find them.)

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