'Prey' Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack: How to claim the pre-order bonus and what it entails


Prey is a game that leaves you out in the cold from the beginning. Stranded on a space station filled with hostile aliens, you have to scrounge up every medkit, weapon and crafting item you can find. Boy, it would sure be easier if you could start the game with some of those things.

If you pre-ordered Prey, you can. 

Prey Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack: What it contains and how to redeem it

According to Twinfinite, activating the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack, which is only available to players who pre-ordered Prey, is as easy as redeeming anything else on the PlayStation or Xbox stores. First, locate your code. If you absolutely can't find it and you definitely pre-ordered the game, go to Bethesda support.

Take the code you received to the code redemption page on your console's digital storefront. Enter the code and, boom, you have the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack. You should do this before playing the game for maximum effect.

You'll receive:

• Margrave shotgun and ammo plans• two medkits• starter fabrication materials for crafting• three Neuromods for early character upgrades• one recycler shielding chipset

These are all useful early on, especially that shotgun. Mimics will go down quickly with that loadout. After an hour or two, though, chances are you'll accumulate most of that stuff on your own. Bethesda and Arkane wouldn't design a game you couldn't finish without pre-order DLC, so don't worry if you don't have it.

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