'Overwatch' Lootbox Chances: Chinese law forces Blizzard to reveal probability


Have you ever purchased 20 lootboxes in Overwatch for an event, gotten one legendary and screamed that the game was rigged? Well now you can have some answers!

Thanks to a new Chinese law, created by their Ministry of Culture, online games with a loot system must release the probability of getting each type of reward. 


What's the probability you'll actually get the skin you want in Overwatch

According to the Chinese Overwatch site, this is how each lootbox breaks down:  

1 epic item per 5.5 lootboxes

If you're good at math — which I'm not, but Reddit is — then you'll know that this equates to around 18.19% for epic rewards and 7.4% for legendary rewards. 

Note that the lootbox probabilities may vary from region to region, so while Overwatch in China may have these numbers, there's no way to confirm what the North American Overwatch probabilities will be yet.

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