'Pokémon Go' Grass Event Celebi: Everything you need to know about the Gen 2 legendary


The Pokémon Go grass event will finally give green, plant-like Pokémon their shine. Unlike the Halloween or Easter event, Pokémon Go's worldwide bloom doesn't center around a holiday. Just because a national celebration isn't involved doesn't mean you can't expect some good Pokémon from the event.

Previous events introductions of rare and never-before-seen attributes like Gen 2 babies and shiny Magikarp. Though the euphoria of a potential shiny Bulbasaur shouldn't distract from the fact that Gen 2's final Pokémon is a grass-type too — and an important one at that.

Pokémon Go grass event: Celebi is the Mew of Gold and Silver.

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Celebi is officially known as the Time Travel Pokémon, number #251 in the overall list. The fairy-looking Pokémon has tiny wings and two tiny antennae, but don't confuse it for a fairy-type. Celebi boasts a dual typing of psychic and (you guessed it) grass. 

As its title suggests, Celebi can travel through time. This has led to some zany adventures in the movies. And while you might think time-travel was the one power that would let anyone in possession with a Celebi to win every battle, that's not quite the case.

Celebi's abilities are extraordinary, but the attacks it learns are pretty regular. Future Sight, Leaf Storm and Perish Song are among its strongest moves — none of which are very rare. Still, tossing one out in battle though will at the very least score you some bragging rights.

Pokémon Go grass event Celebi: You probably never had one because you couldn't catch one

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Like Mew from Red and Blue, Celebi couldn't be caught in the Pokémon Gold and Silver games under normal circumstances. Procuring one required attending an official event. Even in the newer games, Pokémon players had to wait for the Pokémon Bank to release before they could take part in the Celebi promotion — at least the latter made it out of Asia.

Pokémon Go grass event Celebi: Could the most famous grass legendary make a cameo during worldwide bloom?

All that is well and good for the Pokémon games on Nintendo handhelds, but what about Pokémon Go? The location-based game is sorely lacking in legendary Pokémon, and Niantic probably won't start with Celebi. But the timing of Pokémon Go's grass event following the Gen 2 update is certainly curious. Let's just hope Celebi makes a pitstop in 2017 for Pokémon Go's grass event.

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