'Pokémon Go' Grass Event End Time: When the no-frills event will wrap up


Pokémon Go's "Worldwide bloom" event marks a first for the mobile game — it's a no-frills event (it only increased the spawn rates of grass-type Pokémon). Unlike pretty much every other event Pokémon Go has had, it was only around for the weekend: May 5 through May 8, to be exact. 

If you're looking to make the most of the worldwide bloom and want to know when it ends, we've got you covered.

Pokémon Go grass event end time: It'll likely end around the same time as all the other events tend to

Unlike Pokémon Go's weeklong events like the Eggstravaganza or the Water Festival, which have their end times clearly listed on the Niantic website, the press release for the worldwide bloom didn't include an end time, instead stating "We anticipate that Pokémon will return to their normal habitats on May 8, 2017 PDT."

However, the end times for many other events have been around 1 p.m., PDT, so we're making an educated guess that the grass event will probably end around the same time on May 8. At the very least, the lack of explicit confirmation from Niantic hasn't stopped both Gamepress's main page for Pokémon Go and the PokéTimer from setting their countdown timers to 1 p.m. PDT. 

You've still got some time to do some early morning Pokémon catching, especially if you're dying to try and get a few more Bulbasaurs or you need to evolve Gen 2's Meganium. 

Just be warned: According to Forbes, the event has been unevenly implemented, and some areas haven't seen an increase in grass-type Pokémon at all. So bear that in mind as the event winds down, and hopefully your area isn't one that's been affected by this.

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