'Prey' Grant Lockwood: How to find the employee corpse


One of the more unique aspects of Prey is that every dead NPC you find littered around the Talos I space station has a name. It's not just "Doctor" or "Engineer" anymore. 

One side quest tasks you with finding every Talos I employee who went missing as soon as things went wrong at the station. Grant Lockwood is one such employee, whose location is listed as "Talos I Exterior." 

How to find Grant Lockwood in Prey

At a certain point in the story, you get the ability to freely fly around outside the Talos I space station. There's a ton to find out here in the dark reaches of space, including a corpse or two. Human corpses will show up on your HUD when you get close enough, but Grant Lockwood is a little out of the way. According to GameFAQs user jonsarik, you can find him near the derelict shuttle:

I found him new the derelict shuttle a bit from Talos. After reaching the derelict shuttle, I exited heading towards the rear. You'll see a golden mimic in the far distance (Weaver). Head towards it. After battling it, I noticed a human corpse about 150 meters away. Heading towards it, it turned out to be Grant Lockwood, and he was emitting radiation. That's where he was for me, and I didn't have to go to a security station, but it was after I activated his tracker. Good luck!

It sounds like you shouldn't do this without a healthy supply of ammo and medkits. There are other activities associated with the derelict shuttle, so you should eventually find yourself in that area as a result of the story. But steer clear until you know you can keep yourself alive.

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