'Prey' Golden Gun: How to get the Artemis Pistol


Since GoldenEye 007 was released in 2007, golden guns have basically been the coolest weapon to have — and Prey is no different. The Prey golden gun is called the Artemis Pistol. It's basically a silenced pistol with slightly better stats, but hey, it's gold.

There's one specific side mission that allows you to get the golden gun, so if you want to shoot terrifying spider-looking creatures in style, look no further.

Prey Golden Gun: How to find the Golden Gun

According to a YouTube video from Random Chievo's, you'll first need to find and listen to a specific audio log before you get the golden gun. You'll need to go to the area of the ship called "Arboretum" and find the section called "Looking Glass." 

You'll be able to actually shoot through this section to find an area in the back you can climb with your GLOO gun.

Once you're up there, you'll find an audio recording near a body next to the house — this starts the Golden Gun side mission. The quest marker will guide you to the Crew Quarters, which has a safe inside. With the information you have from the audio log, you'll be able to unlock the safe — and tada! You've got yourself a cute golden hand gun. 

According to Samurai Gamers, you can also just bypass this whole mission if you have Hacking IV ability. You'll just go to the safe in the Crew Quarters and open it.

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