'Prey' Kill the Cook: How to complete Danielle Sho's side quest


One Prey side quest for Danielle Sho has you seeking an imposter cook who still poses a threat to the crew of the Talos I. You'll have to kill the cook before it can cause harm to the few remaining humans alive on the station. 

Although Prey clocks in at a pretty slim 20 hour completion time, it has a lot of granularity in its endings, mostly based off what side quests you choose to do and which you choose to ignore. Completing the side quest to kill the cook is a necessity if you're looking to get certain endings. If you're a little stumped as to how to locate and eliminate the cook, we've got the information you need below.

Prey Kill the Cook: How to find the imposter cook on the Talos I

According to GamersHeroes, you'll receive the quest to kill the imposter cook while doing the side mission "The Cook's Request," which you'll get the first time you enter the crew quarters for the first time.

During "The Cook's Request," the cook in question will trap you in a freezer. If you make your way through it, you should find the corpse of Danielle Sho's partner; she'll have a transcript next to her. Listen to the transcript to get the quest, then take a look out the window in the pool room to advance to the next part of it. 

You won't be able to continue the quest until after you've lifted the lockdown of the station, so continue through the game until you reach that point. Once you've done that, check your email; you should see one from Danielle informing you that you can track the cook through a terminal in the Neuromod Division. Find a terminal in the Volunteer Quarters, and you'll see the only living volunteer on the list is one designated V-010655-37.

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The easiest way to get to the imposter is to head through the Arboretum to the bridge and then down to the escape pods. You'll find him in one of the far-right escape pods, but you shouldn't approach him unless you've got full health. He's dying and has rigged an explosive, which will probably kill you unless you're in tip-top shape. It's a cheap shot for sure, but you could also just shoot him in the head from outside the pod if you don't have time to deal with that.

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Once that's dealt with, you should get an objective update. It's worth noting that this quest will affect the ending, so make sure you complete it if you're worried about missing out.

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