'Prey' Fabrication Plans: Where to find the Neuromod blueprint and more


If you find yourself running out of ammo or fun ways to hunt down those weird oil tentacle aliens in Prey, there's a solution. We've taken the time to find some of the game's fabrication plans to hopefully make your time on the Talos 1 the most action-packed it can be.

As you make your way through the derelict Talos 1 space station in Prey, you'll run into a variety of horrifying shape-shifting aliens. Since peaceful contact isn't an option, you'll need to show those Typhon who's boss with some hot lead. Below are the locations to each of Prey's fabrication plans, that will allow you to assemble a serious arsenal out of the remains of common household items.

Prey Fabrication Plans: where to find the game's schematics

According to Gamersheroes, there are fabrication plans strewn about the Talos 1's various subdivisions, so you'll need a keen eye and an itchy trigger finger to find them. Here's a list of the ones they've found.

Neuromod Division Fabrication Plans

Huntress Boltcaster: The plan for this weapon is in the room where you start the game, in a damaged computer you can access with Hacking 1.

Psi Hypno: You can find this plan in the game's first safe, which you can crack with the code 5150.

Neuromod: You'll need the Huntress Crossbow and access to the Volunteer Quarters before you can get your hands on the Neuromod fabrication plans. After searching the area, you'll eventually find Halden Graves' office. The trick to getting into this locked room is to bash out the windows looking into his office and hitting the switch beside the door with a foam bolt from your crossbow. You can then enter and grab the Neuromod plans off the table.

Talos 1 Lobby Fabrication Plans

Wrench: This plan is automatically unlocked with the Fabricator.

Gloo Canister: You'll find the plans for this in Morgan Yu's office safe.

Shotgun Shells: The fabrication plan for the ever-handy shotgun shells is in the Security Room's safe, which you can access with a key card, or you can use the yellow pipe outside of it to get inside.

Medkit: This plan is guarded by six enemies inside the trauma center. You can find the key card to access the trauma center in the offices, and you'll find the plans on a table near a bunch of explosives.

9mm Ammo: Helpfully, you'll find this plan near the gun it goes with (the pistol) inside the Teleconferencing Center. You should see it on the floor as you enter the room.

Hardware Labs Fabrication Plans

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Look for the storage room inside the machine shop. Inside the storage room, you'll see a huge block of cargo that you can move with Leverage 3. Do so, and you'll find the weapon upgrade kit fabrication plans behind it.

Psychotronics Fabrication Plans

Anti-Rad Pills: A staple of any game that involves radiation sickness as a mechanic, you can find the anti-rad pills plan outside the Morgue in Psychotronics — just look for a terminal with a broken turret next to it, and you'll find the plans on that desk.

G.U.T.S. Fabrication Plans

EMP Charge: This plan is on the first floating body you'll see in G.U.T.S.'s low gravity area, so make sure you search those corpses thoroughly.

Arboretum Fabrication Plans

Disruptor Batteries: Upon reaching the Arboretum, you should come across a non-powered door you can go through. Head through that door and keep going until you reach a body on the floor. The plan for the stun gun ammo will be on her body.

Those are all the plans that Gamersheroes found, but we doubt that's the extent of the fabrication plans hiding on the Talos 1. If this smattering of plans is any indication, your best bet for finding them is to check tables, computer modules (damaged ones included) and ghoulishly enough, the corpses of your former coworkers on the space station. It's an unenviable task, but you're going to need all the help you can get if you want to survive long enough to find out what's going on.

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