'Injustice 2' esports: There's already a $600K championship for the upcoming release date


With the upcoming Injustice 2 release comes a few changes, including new characters like Supergirl and Sub-Zero, new character customization with gear you find in the game and, you know, a casual $600,000 championship series. 

Unlike the first game — Injustice: Gods Among Us — the new game is already associated with a large tournament series with partners like PS4, Twitch, ESL Gaming Network and GameStop. 

Injustice 2 esports: Here's what we know about the Championship Series

Beginning May 26, the pro series will start with a four-month open series to determine the top 16 players across all regions — North America, Latin America and Europe. Each smaller program will have its own prize money and players will have the opportunity to claim a spot in the October 2017 finals. According the Injustice 2 website

The best players from these different programs will qualify for the Injustice 2 Championship Series grand finals that will take place this fall. 
NetherRealm Studios/Injustice 2

Each game in the pro series will be livestreamed on Twitch. According to a post on Fenix Bazaar, all U.S.-based players can participate in the GameStop Hometown Heroes even if they're not playing in the Pro Series.

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