'NBA Playgrounds' Roster: 5 killer player combinations to use in new arcade hoops title

NBA Playgrounds released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on Tuesday, May 9. It delivers the goods with a retro-cool look and some enhanced-but-simplistic strategy.

Like the iconic NBA Jam series it pays homage to, NBA Playgrounds is a two-on-two hoops game that features real NBA players. In NBA Playgrounds, player selection is very important.

Choosing a duo whose skills work in tandem is a great strategy. Obtaining an inside-outside attack on the offensive and defensive end should be the goal.

Through the early stages of gameplay, here are five killer combinations for the new game based on our experience so far.

NBA Playgrounds roster combinations: Kyrie Irving and David Robinson

Brian Mazique/Mic

With Irving's shooting (8 in three-point shooting and 9 in two-point) he is a gunner from just about any position on the floor. He can get the majority of the points for your team, but Robinson is perhaps the premier rim protector in the game.

The Admiral has a 10 in blocks. Despite the fact that he's 7'1", Robinson's speed rating is a respectable 5. He also has a dunk rating of 7 and two-point shooting rating of 8 so he can put in work around the basket, too.

NBA Playgrounds roster combinations: Tim Hardaway and Chris Bosh

Brian Mazique/mic

If you're a Miami Heat fan, you'll love this duo. Hardaway's 10 rating in speed makes him difficult to corral. He also drains threes and gets a ton of steals; he's rated an 8 in each of those categories.

The great thing about Bosh is that he gives you more than most big men from outside. So if you want both of your players to be legitimate threats from long range, Bosh is a great guy to pair with another sharpshooter.

He has a 7 rating in threes, but his blocks are pretty low at just a 3. Too bad his render in the game looks more like Randy Moss than Bosh.

NBA Playgrounds roster combinations: Paul George and Kawhi Leonard

The real NBA is moving away from traditional big men, and this combination plays into that concept. 

George and Leonard both have decent size at 6'9" and 6'8" respectively, but they are also quick and have high steal ratings and above-average three-point shooting ability.

They are do-it-all players in real life and in NBA Playgrounds.

NBA Playgrounds roster combinations: Jason Kidd and DeAndre Jordan

Brian Mazique/mic

There are a few players in the game with steal ratings of 10, but for some reason, if feels like Kidd is the most prolific pilferer in the game.

Perhaps his stamina rating of 9 helps him maintain speed and other attributes for a longer time, but he's not a guy you want to do a lot of dribbling around.

Jordan is a great teammate for Kidd. His shot blocking rating is a 9 and his dunk rating is a 9. Those numbers make it pretty tough to score on him or to stop the big man from throwing down slams.

NBA Playgrounds roster combinations: Damian Lillard and Draymond Green

Green may only be 6'7", but his overall defense in NBA Playgrounds is a major asset. He is great at getting steals, but he's also a solid shot blocker and three-point shooter.

His well-balanced skill set makes him a good teammate for just about anyone.

Lillard isn't the best defensive player, but he can score buckets in bunches. Whether it be his three-point shooting or surprising dunking ability, Lillard is an ideal match with Green.

There are more great combinations to uncover as you unlock the long list of players from the past and present that are available. Check out this article to see the full roster of players.

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