'Prey' Water Pressure Regulator: How to find and repair the water pressure regulator


There are plenty of strange characters and stories to find in the depths of the Talos I space station in Prey. Will Mitchell, who can be found in the cafeteria kitchen in crew quarters, is one of these peculiarities. Something is clearly not right with Will, but in order to find out what's going on, you have to repair a water pressure regulator.

Prey Water Pressure Regulator: How to repair it

According to the Prima strategy guide for Prey, you can use your repair skill to fix the pressure regulator if it's high enough. If not, don't worry. There is still an option for you.

If you head to the arboretum, you'll find a greenhouse. On a workbench in the greenhouse is a functional water pressure regulator that you can use to solve Will Mitchell's problem in the kitchen.

Once you fix the regulator, Mitchell will let you into the freezer. Since he's clearly not a trustworthy figure, you can use your stun gun to take him out. Grab two neuromods and a keycard off his body before going heading off to explore the rest of Talos I. 

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