'Prey' Help Luther Glass Guide: It's not as simple as you might think


Prey is a game good for two things: dead bodies and surprises. Luckily, the "Help Luther Glass" mission has both of those qualities. 

If you're wondering how you can save Luther Glass in Prey, well, we've got some bad news. Read on for a full breakdown of this confusing mission.

How to help Luther Glass in Prey

To start, you can't. According to the official game guide, although the mission will prompt you to save Luther Glass in the trauma center, that is not how the mission goes. As you might know if you've been to the trauma center, Luther Glass is already dead. 


It turns out that the mission is a trap by Commander Dahl. Once you enter the trauma center, you'll notice military operators in the area. To complete the objective, you'll have to destroy all the operators. 

If you throw EMP charges at them, they'll be stunned and give you the opportunity to attack. Keep in mind, more operators will continue spawning, so it's important to be constantly checking your back.

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