How to draw with emojis on Snapchat

In a new update on Tuesday, Snapchat introduced new features. One allows for a new timer setting: infinity. Another is a magic eraser tool. And the other is the ability to draw with a string of emojis.

"Today we're making a pretty big change to the way you create and send snaps," said Snapchat in an announcement. "We're reorganizing the layout of our creative tools, adding a magic eraser (you'll find this under the scissor tool), and adding a new setting to the timer: infinity!"

How to draw with emojis on Snapchat

To draw with emojis on Snapchat, open the app and take a picture or video. Then click the pen icon on the upper right corner, under the "T" text icon.

Select the pen icon after taking a snap picture, video or uploading from your Camera Roll.Mic/Snapchat

This will bring forth a color gradient on the right side of the screen and a heart eye emoji — the default emoji — at the bottom of the scale. Selecting on the icon will trigger a string of other emojis to pop up.

Click on the "heart eye" emoji.Mic/Snapchat

Peruse through the options and select the emoji of your choice. There are 8 options: heart eye emoji, fire emoji, heart emoji, skull emoji, poop emoji, middle finger emoji, thinking face emoji and lips emoji.

Select from eight emojis.Mic/Snapchat

Once selected — the emoji will be highlighted with a white circle surrounding it — use your finger to draw on the snap. You can draw different things using different emojis by switching emojis between drawings.

Draw what you want with your emoji pen.Mic/Snapchat

Users can also control the size of each emoji. To do this, use two fingers to "zoom in" (make the emoji size smaller) or "zoom out" (make the emoji size larger). Note that a smaller emoji size makes it easier to draw things with curves like a heart or the letter "S."

If the feature looks a little familiar, it's because Instagram temporarily offered a similar feature in December. The Facebook-owned app, which notoriously copies Snapchat features on the regular, had a seasonal holiday candy cane paint brush available for a limited time.

Here is a promotional video from Snapchat on how to utilize the emoji drawing features: