Snapchat Update: The 4 best new features you’ll actually want to use

Have you ever noticed a friend's killer snap and thought, "Wait a minute, how did they do that?"

Snapchat has introduced so many creative tools recently it's hard to keep track of all that is possible within the app.

Here's a rundown of some of Snapchat's newest features and how to use them. 

Magic eraser tool

Think of the magic eraser as Photoshop in your pocket. The tool lets you select items in your photo and essentially causes them to disappear. Snapchat does this by copying a nearby portion of the photo and overlaying it on the object you're seeking to erase.

Because the technology is new, this tool really works best on minor edits. To access the tool, first take a photo, then click the scissors icon on the top right hand toolbar.

A new menu on the toolbar will appear. Click the cluster of stars at the bottom of the list.

Snapchat magic eraserMic/Snapchat

Next, simply outline what you're trying to erase. You'll see faded white tint over the selected area.

Snapchat magic eraserMic/Snapchat

Once you lift your fingers, some sparkles will appear over the area, and voila — your object will have been erased.

Snapchat magic eraserMic/Snapchat

Draw with emoji

There's a more detailed guide on how to draw with emoji here, but it's pretty simple. After you take a photo or video, tap the pencil icon in the right hand toolbar.

Click the pencil icon on the right hand toolbar to access the emoji paintbrush.Screenshot/Taylor Lorenz

This will open up a color gradient. Below the color gradient, you'll see an emoji. Click the emoji, and a drop down list of emoji will appear. Select one of the emoji from the list and drag your finger across the screen to paint.

Select the emoji icon below the color gradient. A drop down list will appear. Select the emoji you want to use from the list and drag your finger across the screen to paint.Screenshot/Taylor Lorenz

Infinite snaps

If you want to give your friends enough time to watch your full snap or give your crush some unlimited time with your selfies, the new infinite loop timer option is for you.

Begin by taking a snap as usual, but before you send it or post it to your story, click on the number icon on the bottom of the toolbar on the top right.

Infinite loop allows a person to watch your snap as many times as they want until they close out. Screenshot/Taylor Lorenz

A scrolling list will pop up allowing you to select how many seconds you want the snap to last for. Scroll to the bottom and select the infinity loop.

Select the infinity loop from the scrolling list to allow friends to watch your snaps for as long as they want until they close out. Screenshot/Taylor Lorenz

If your snap is posted to your story, it will simply stay on the screen until your friends tap to the next snap. If you send the post directly to someone, they'll be able to look at the snap for as long as they want until they close out, when it disappears forever.

Show off your location

Snapchat has long offered customized geofilters based on your location, but now you can actually tag exactly where you are.

Take a photo or video, then swipe through the different filter options. You'll see one that has the name of the actual restaurant, bar, park, or business you're at, or one that's nearby.

Simply tap the location name to cycle through places. The location data is synched with Foursquare so it should be pretty accurate. 

Swipe through until you see a geotag location, then tap the name of the location to cycle through businesses at your current spot.Screenshot/Taylor Lorenz

If you don't see your exact spot, don't worry. Snapchat will likely add more locations as the feature expands.