Nintendo Switch 'Super Mario Odyssey' release date and more expected at E3 2017


The Nintendo Switch was expected to have a presence at E3 2017, but Nintendo's kept a tight lip regarding their plans. This time Nintendo has spoken up on Twitter with details as to their plans for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The Japanese gaming company has laid out exactly what we can look forward to during the second full week of June. And judging by the poster, a Super Mario Odyssey release date may be tucked inside.

Nintendo Switch E3 2017 schedule: Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and Arms will take center stage

Nintendo released details on Twitter about their E3 2017 plans. While no concrete details like an actual launch date for Super Mario on the Switch were presented, it did offer an idea of when we could expect those details. Check it out below:

On June 13, which is the first day of E3, gamers can expect Nintendo to go into detail about the games coming to the Switch in 2017. It's expected that Nintendo will focus on Super Mario Odyssey, though we may see some other big games we weren't expecting. We're looking longingly at you, Super Smash Bros Switch.

Right after the festivities, Nintendo will showcase the games announced during their E3 2017 Treehouse event. Nintendo's Treehouse hosts will interview developers of the games while giving us a glimpse at gameplay.

Finally, on both June 13 and 14 the company will hold invitational tournaments for Splatoon and Arms. The paint shooter and fighting games are both suited for tournament play, as we've already seen. It seems the end of the Nintendo Switch trailer wasn't too far off with how the company sees their system. Prior Nintendo invitationals include their Smash Bros 4 tournament back at E3 2014.

Nintendo Switch at E3 2017: What's missing from this announcement?

It's likely that Nintendo doesn't want to give away all the good stuff in a tweet before the actual E3 announcement. The virtual console, for one, is a near-necessary component of the Switch that the device is completely lacking at the moment. Highly sought-after games like Smash and the rumored Pokémon Stars aren't mentioned either. 

There's plenty Nintendo could be hiding that we'll have to wait for June to uncover. Let's just hope Nintendo has something good under their big red hat.

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