'Sense8' Season 2 Soundtrack: 10 of the most powerful songs from the new episodes


Season two of Sense8 featured a whole new set of thematic montages and telepathic orgies, which can only mean one thing: There's a new Sense8 soundtrack. Check out our rundown of season two's musical highlights below.

Episode Three: "Obligate Mutualisms"

"All My Days," Alexi Murdoch

After tricking Whispers into giving up his location, Will finally steps outside to enjoy the Amsterdam sunset. As his cluster, breathing a collective sigh of relief, joins him, we hear Murdoch sing, "I have been quietly standing in the shade/ All of my days." 

Episode Four: "Polyphony"

"Good For Me," Above & Beyond

Kala and Wolfgang telepathically reconnect in a bathroom while Sun revels in some solo rooftop taekwondo after being cooped up in prison. Kala and Wolfgang may not fully realize it yet, but they really are good for each other.

"Small Things," Ben Howard

As Kala is caught in a religious rally and Capheus intervenes in a protest over a water shortage, this bleak melody asks, "Has the world gone mad, or is it me?" 

Episode Five: "Fear Never Fixed Anything"

"What's Up," 4 Non Blondes

In a callback to the continents-spanning telepathic karaoke scene from season one, Riley gives a brave speech about self-acceptance at her show and then lays down a "What's Up" remix before narrowly escaping Whispers.

Episode Six: "Isolated Above, Connected Below"

"Wise Enough," Lamb

This sultry song plays as Wolfgang, Kala, Capheus and Zachia have a telepathic four-way. 

"Back Where I Belong," Otto Knows (ft. Avicii)

After Lito very publicly comes out at Sao Paulo Pride, this fist-pumper fires up and affirms that Lito has "finally made it home." 

Episode Seven: "I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate"

"Painting Greys," Emmit Fenn

This trippy, synthy composition plays as Riley first arrives in Chicago. 

Episode 10: "If All The World's A Stage, Identity Is Nothing But a Costume"

"In Need," Gert Taberner

This soulful melody plays as Will grieves his father's death. It's clear at this point that he truly needs Riley to boost him up. 

"Holocene," Bon Iver

The feather-light "Holocene" hovers in the air as Lito and Hernando act out an all-dudes version of the beach scene in From Here to Eternity. "Holocene" is about how we're all made of particles and we're all connected across time and space... or something. It just feels right for Sense8, and it adds an extra layer of beauty to this romantic scene. 

Episode 11: "You Want a War?"

"Pistols at Dawn," Seinabo Sey

As the cluster triumphantly drives off into the horizon with Whispers in tow, this gloomy song states, "stand down or show down baby, let's get this done." It's a perfect way to end season two. 

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