Halloween 2012 Costumes: 10 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

The ultimate dilemma for a girl on Halloween: should you wear a slutty costume? Below, a pro/con list to guide you through the decision making process.

1. Sexy Soldier

Pro: Camo jacket has pockets, therefore won’t need to carry a purse

Con: Blisters from four-inch heels mocking reminder of own suffering compared to troops’

2. Sexy Baby

Pro: Diaper allows you to skip long bathroom lines

Con: Inherently gross on every level

3. Sexy Nurse


Pro: White mini skirt super flattering

Con: All incoming pick up lines sponge bath double entendres

4. Sexy Cop

Pro: Water gun can be filled with vodka

Con: Inevitable drunk and disorderly arrest too ironic 

5. Sexy Olympian

Pro: Leotard from Kerri Strug costume still fits

Con:  Half-twisting double back handspring difficult to execute in crowded bar

6. Sexy Cat

Pro: Classic

Con: Alternate meanings of the word “pussy”

7. Sexy Hitler

Pro: None

Con: Where to begin...

8. Sexy Stripper


Pro: Could turn profit from singles stuffed into costume by strangers

Con: Obvious cry for help

9. Sexy Revolutionary

Pro: Tri-cornered hat

Con: Unrealistic

10. Sexy Hurricane

Pro: Topical

Con: Costume shop in evacuation zone