'Overwatch' Cosplay Weapons: Fan creates working replica of Mei's endothermic blaster


An Overwatch fan just created a chill-inducing working replica of Mei's endothermic blaster filled with liquid nitrogen. It's not quite as powerful as the ice gun Mei actually wields in Overwatch — they have to blast away at a single strawberry for quite awhile before it softly, gently splits down the center — but it's still a pretty impressive creation filled with excellent detail. 

GEEKBLE ??/YouTube

For example, you can twist a dial that causes a blue light to increase and decrease in intensity, mimicking how Mei reloads her ammo.

GEEKBLE ??/YouTube
Unit Lost - Great British Gaming/YouTube

Now they just need to team up with that guy who made the working replica of Tracer's pistol and form a crimefighting super team. If you can deal with the strange, overpowering metal music soundtrack, feel free to check out the full video of the ice gun below.

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