Twitter is in love with Italy in 'Master of None' season 2

The wait is over: Master of None season two has finally hit Netflix. Please excuse co-creators Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang for the longer-than-usual hiatus between seasons — it's a very personal show and these ideas need time to gestate. They also needed to eat a lot of good Italian food, you know, to get in the mood for a new season starting in Modena, Italy. 

That's where Dev, played by Ansari, finds himself at the beginning of the season, following his passion and enrolling in a pasta-making apprenticeship. You really can't blame Dev for spontaneously moving to Italy. The problem is, you might find yourself wanting to do the same. 

Modena is a stunning, picturesque town, and Master of None revels in all the delicious pasta, espresso and pastries Dev has at the ready. 

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that, not long after the second season's release on Netflix, fans on Twitter are ready to escape to Italy and plan their next vacation abroad. And really, who can blame them? 

No doubt, the Modena tourism board is going be thrilled by the response. 

The second season of Master of None is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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