If Harry Styles’s new looks are a sign of the times, deal! me! in!

The best dressed guy in music at the moment is a difficult title to accurately place. There's Pharrell, then, now and always. There's Kanye — who may have secretly changed men's fashion forever. There's Frank Ocean. There's Desiigner and Young Thug. And as of late, there's a new entry for consideration: Harry Styles.

I'm going to be honest, prior to the "topless" solo album cover analysis last month, Styles was pretty much a "who" for me. A Taylor Swift ex, but who isn't? A one-time boy bander, but again who isn't? A person who chopped off his hair, but after Keri Russell defined this act of rebellion in 1999, yet again this was nothing to Nicole Kidman-at-the-Oscars clap about.

But then I saw this recent photo of an all grown up Styles, and a familiar tingle began working its way through my body.

Mic/Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Then began the deep dive.

I quickly discovered that Styles has always had a flair for good style, stretching back to his youthful days as one fifth of One Direction.

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But I quickly discovered that it was the disbanding of One Direction in January 2016 that really gave solo Harry, finally able to walk red carpets solo, the opportunity to sartorially shine.

Thus, giving us this:

Rolling Stone

All this culminating in this perfectly-tailored Edward Sexton suit during an appearance earlier this week on Today.

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And then, on Thursday, this majesty:

Mr. Styles, I may be late, but happy to have finally arrived at the party that is you.