What to Do Inside During a Hurricane: 7 Rainy Day Movies to Watch While You Weather Hurricane Sandy

ByLaura Hankin

If you’re in the path of Hurricane Sandy right now, you’re hopefully holed up somewhere safely indoors, trying to figure out what to do with the next couple of days. Options definitely include gorging yourself on canned food and obsessively monitoring the Weather Channel’s website. But now might also be a perfect time to get in some quality movie-watching, at least until the power goes out. And with that in mind, here’s a list of the 7 best movies to watch while the storm rages!


1) Grease

It features perhaps the most famous fictional Sandy of all time. There’s even an entire song called “Sandy.” For the truly brave/foolhardy, with truly high tolerances, drink every time someone onscreen says or sings the hurricane’s name.

2) The Day After Tomorrow 

3) Mean Girls

As people in the Northeast prepared for the storm, human-disaster Lindsay Lohan tweeted:

Remember the good old days of Lindsay, when she was spunky and funny, and starring in ridiculously quotable, Tina Fey-penned movies about high school? Mean Girls is on Netflix now, so you have no excuse not to watch it. And if you’re uncertain about the forecast for the next couple days, you can always ask Karen Smith. Her breasts know when it’s already raining.

4) Panic Room 

If you’re in a New York apartment like me, you might start feeling claustrophobic sooner rather than later. But hey! At least your apartment isn’t as tiny as the panic room Jodie Foster and young, pre-Twilight Kristen Stewart get trapped in when robbers break into their Upper West Side brownstone.

5) Groundhog Day 


Similarly, at least you’re not trapped in time. In this hilarious film, Bill Murray is a jerky news reporter who has to keep repeating the same day over and over, stuck in a small town during a snowstorm.

6) Young Frankenstein


Hurricane Sandy’s other moniker is Frankenstorm, so what better movie to watch than Mel Brooks’ Frankenstein-themed comedy? Plus, it’s a perfect way to celebrate Halloween, which will likely be a scaled-down affair this year in the storm’s aftermath.

7) Singin’ in the Rain

You probably shouldn’t go outside and dance in the rain right now; you might get blown away. But you should definitely watch Gene Kelly do it. It may be impossible not to feel exuberant afterwards.

What about you, PolicyMic-ers? What films will you be watching to pass the time?