Zendaya is the second woman on Earth — after Rihanna — who can walk on subway grates in stilettos

There's a reason why asking Google "how to wear high heels without pain" brings nearly 22 million responses. And that reason, if not obvious enough, has everything to do with the effects of doing such, which include everything from bunions and chafing to nerve and tendon damage.

But proving that pain is for the weak of body is actress/model/entrepreneur/future world leader Zendaya, who, over the weekend, stepped out in a pair of cerulean pumps as she breezily walked over a subway grate.

"Okay but how TF did Zendaya do this?" one, now viral tweet asked.

The answer, according to Zendaya herself: magic.

Of course this knocks down Rihanna's status as the queen of effortlessly walking over grates in heels.

If the 2016 response to Rihanna's feat is any indicator...

... the impact of Zendaya's seemingly innocuous act cannot be overstated.