'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date Rumors: Trailer may debut at E3 2017


It's not easy being a Kingdom Hearts fan right now, at least if you're still holding out hope for seeing Kingdom Hearts 3 anytime soon. With series director Tetsuya Nomura giving pretty mixed messages about the game's relative done-ness — and the most recent theory being that we won't hear any more about it until 2018 — it's a safe bet fans are pretty hungry for more Kingdom Hearts updates.

The internet has seen fit to deliver, and rumor has it we might be seeing a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer for the game sooner than anticipated. Keep reading to learn more.

Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer may finally be released in June

According to WCCFTech, there's a reason we haven't heard much about Kingdom Hearts 3 or, more specifically, why there hasn't been a new trailer. Apparently, the trailer was originally slated for release in April, but has been moved to E3 alongside a showcase of the game. Assuming it's true — and WCCFTech admits it's always good to take things with a grain of salt — this means we'd be getting a lot of Kingdom Hearts very quickly.

It's somewhat surprising the game would cut content to maintain its release schedule. However, Nomura's statements to Famitsu in January seemed to indicate there were entire game worlds that hadn't been touched yet, so it's not like there isn't room to speculate. 

Although the ending of Kingdom Hearts 2 left open the potential for a sequel, according to the Kingdom Hearts Wikia, the game has only officially been announced since E3 2013. Given Final Fantasy XV's famously long 10-year incubation period — and Square-Enix's recent decision to divest itself from IO Interactive in 2017 — the company just might be antsy enough to try to release a big property like Kingdom Heart 3 sooner rather than later. 

Until more information surfaces, this is all just speculation. At the very least, there's only a month to go until E3, if you're itching for that new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer goodness.

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