'Scream Queens' is canceled and we need to know what happened to Chanel in the season 2 finale


What happened to Chanel Oberlin in the final moments of the Scream Queens season two finale? We may never know because Fox canceled the horror-comedy. 

In a call with reporters on Monday, Fox chairs Dana Walden and Gary Newman confirmed that Scream Queens will not be returning to the network for a third season. Newman said that it "feels as if it was a complete series."

"We have no plans to go back and tell more stories there," he added, via Variety. "We won't be seeing Scream Queens this season."

The cancellation doesn't come as a surprise. The series wasn't a ratings smash in its first season — ending with 2.526 million viewers — and viewership continued to decline in season two. According to TV Series Finale, the Sept. 20 season premiere brought in 2.165 million viewers and that number dropped to 1.369 million for its Dec. 20 finale.

Despite the writing on the wall, fans are still upset with the cancellation. One particular reason is that season two ended with a cliffhanger.

The finale, which aired in late December, wrapped up most of its storylines neatly. Hester and Dr. Brock ran off to Blood Island to be together; Munsch became a sexpert; Chanel no. 5 and Zayday remained at the hospital; and Chanel landed her own show, Lovin' the C, which Chanel no. 3 became a producer on. But it was the last few minutes of the episode that changed everything — Chanel got into her car to find her Kappa Kappa Tau pin in the front seat and the Red Devil behind her.

Did the Red Devil kill Chanel? And who is behind the mask? Scream Queens viewers took to Twitter to voice their disappointment about not getting a third season to solve the mystery.

The good news is that Jamie Lee Curtis appears to have the answer about who was under the Red Devil's mask.

"It was me all along after all," the actress, who plays Munsch, captioned a photo of her with red devil horns.

It looks like Dean Munsch finally got her revenge on Chanel after all.

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