Nintendo's 'Super Mario Bros.' comes to life at this Minor League Baseball stadium in Memphis


It's not often that Super Mario Bros. and baseball cross paths. Unless you count 2005's Mario Superstar Baseball for GameCube, of course. That all changed on May 13 in Memphis, Tennessee.

However, during a game between the Memphis Redbirds and El Paso Chihuahuas, audience members got to watch this: a real life Super Mario level. Luckily there were no gaps for players to fall into. Losing a life in this version would be a lot less fun.

Super Mario Bros. comes to a Memphis Redbirds baseball game

The simulated Super Mario experience enabled players to jump and hit blocks to obtain coins, just like how they would in the game. Unfortunately, there were no mushrooms and no "super" growth spurts. And we were definitely disappointed by the lack of fireworks at the end of the level.

All this is a great distraction from Nintendo's E3 Super Mario Odyssey announcement. But if Nintendo wanted to release this experience to the public instead, we wouldn't be opposed.

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