'Injustice 2' Gear: How to get gear to upgrade your fighters


One of Injustice 2's biggest features is the loot system. You can unlock tons of gear to change the appearance and stats of your DC Comics superheroes of choice. You can even unlock brand-new attacks with gear. It's pretty robust. 

But how, exactly, do you get gear in Injustice 2?

How to get gear in Injustice 2

There are a handful of ways to get gear in Injustice 2, but each of them boils down to some variety of "just play the game." Twinfinite has a handy guide for this. 

You can buy loot boxes with in-game currency, which you get for playing the game. I was told at a March preview event there's no way to buy loot with real money, so don't worry about that. There are varying tiers of loot boxes that cost different amounts of currency. For example, Platinum and Diamond are unlocked by completing difficult challenges, and they always contain at least one piece of Epic gear. 

According to Twinfinite, you'll also snag some Epic gear just for playing through the story mode; completing challenges in Multiverse mode; and, of course, just playing the game in general. Loot will come to you at the end of fights, so keep playing Injustice 2's various modes and you'll inevitably get some sweet gear. 

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