The Backup Box is the subscription box every "nasty woman" needs

A two-part collage of a closed and an opened Backup Box

From Birchbox to Causebox, there are subscription boxes for pretty much everything nowadays. The latest to hit the market is Backup Box, which is dedicated to self-love and intersectional feminism. 

Created by Sara Tamez of No Kitchen Sink, Backup Box is a monthly subscription box filled with items dedicated to help you "fight the good fight." Essentially, the Backup Box is bringing women together — one package at a time.

No Kitchn Sink
No Kitchen Sink

Tamez told Mic in an email interview that she created the box shortly after Donald Trump was elected president.

"The day 45 was elected crushed my spirit, and I was immediately so angry and so tired," Tamez said. "Tired at the thought of how much work we still have to do as a nation and how many arguments I would undoubtedly be getting in[to] in defense of the marginalized and oppressed people of this country."

No Kitchen Sink

Tamez said the Backup Box is a way to impact the fight for human rights and progress. The box's contents are meant to act as a support system for women, encouraging self-care and self-love. 

"I wanted to send some backup to help with this oftentimes heavy daily battle, because our mental health and self-care need to come first, now more than ever," she said. "I am determined to keep doing things, keep creating and keep supporting. If we are silent, they win."

Marilyn La Jeunesse

For $55 a month, recipients receive a variety of full-sized items, many of which are made by small, women-owned companies. Oh, and 10% of the proceeds are donated to a humanitarian organization.

In the past, donations have gone to Planned Parenthood and the Syrian Civil Defense volunteers. Tamez said she chooses organizations based on who would be most impacted by the potential loss of government funding. If she collaborates with another small business to create an exclusive item for the box, she lets them direct that month's donations to the organization of their choice.

Marilyn La Jeunesse

Each month, the box features at least one item dedicated to self-care and a "Monthly Mission" for subscribers to complete and share on social media.

Our favorite part of the box? Tamez's handmade jewelry that accompanies an adorable postcard featuring a badass feminist in history.

No Kitchen Sink

"I hope the Backup Box will bring its recipients inspiration, a feeling of inclusion, Christmas-morning-like excitement and a reminder to take care of themselves, even if just for a few moments," Tamez said. "I am hoping that this will lead to more women feeling empowered, because empowered women have the mental strength to empower other women. When we are all our best, most empowered self-loving selves, we all win."