Nintendo Switch Stock: How Toys R Us supply compares to GameStop bundles


Nintendo Switch stock comes and goes faster than you can say "virtual console." The latest store to receive supply of the Nintendo Switch is Toys R Us. And while the store may not offer buyers a Mario Kart rubik's cubes like Target, the Nintendo Switch restock will luckily forgo the GameStop route of bundles only.

Nintendo Switch stock: Toys R Us sees replenished supply

In an email released by a Toys R Us spokesperson, the retailer had this to say:

Nintendo Switch is returning to store shelves at Toys R Us this week! On Friday, May 19, all Toys R Us stores nationwide will have a limited inventory of the super-hot console. Much like our previous Nintendo Switch inventory drops, we recommend that customers get in line before doors open on Friday morning for a chance to purchase.

Just two days after the Nintendo Direct announcement for May, Toys R Us will receive new supply of the Switch. Similar to past restocks, it's best if buyers get to the store slightly earlier than opening, as the store may only have a handful of units to sell. If you arrive on time, you may already be too late.

Nintendo Switch stock: How does Toys R Us supply compare to GameStop's offerings?

When it comes to buying a Nintendo Switch, you can always count on GameStop to have an influx of new supply. The catch is that Switch units are sold alongside other games as part of bundles. On GameStop's Switch page, buying a console will cost you at least $485. The price includes a couple of games, a Pro Controller and more.

Past restocks at Toys R Us have shown the company will sell standalone Switch devices. If you plan on buying games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its expansion pass, as well as Mario Kart, GameStop's bundles may be for you. If you want the console on its own, and would rather pick and choose you buy with it, you'll want to get to Toys R Us.

Nintendo Switch Stock: How to make sure you get a Switch on Friday

There's no way to guarantee that you'll get a Switch on May 19, but you may be able to improve your chances. 

Check the Toys R Us store locator to double check the hours of your nearby store. Then give them a call to make sure they'll have stock on May 19 before you line up for no reason. With Arms and Splatoon 2 incoming, getting one now instead of later means you can skip the June Switch scramble.

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