What will happen in episode 7 of 'The Handmaid's Tale'?

The Handmaid's Tale sure is generating a lot of TV buzz.

From Alexis Bledel's stunning performance to its real-life relevancy, the show is enthralling. Critics say the series succeeds on every front, from the acting to the direction to the writing. 

Six episodes have been released so far on Hulu. Season one, episode seven of The Handmaid's Tale, titled "The Other Side," arrives on the streaming service Wednesday, May 24. 

In flashback, Offred and her family attempt to escape.George Kraychyk/Hulu

What will happen in episode seven?

Offred recalls her life before she was a handmaid, and it gives her a new way to deal with Gilead. Read the official synopsis from Hulu below:

Remembering her family's treacherous escape attempt, a shocking revelation from life before Gilead provides a new perspective on Offred's life. 

The first six episodes of The Handmaid's Tale are currently streaming on Hulu. 

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