'Injustice 2' Character Endings: How to see all the different character endings


It's an unwritten rule that every fighting game has to have a series of single-player fights that culminate with a unique ending for the character you chose. It's the law, and Injustice 2 isn't here to rebel against authority. The only problem is it can be tricky to find out how to see the game's character endings.

Injustice 2 character endings: How to view them all

Fighting games usually have an "Arcade Mode" that emulates the old single-player arcade game experience. You fight through about six or seven enemies, fight the boss and then see a different ending depending on who you played as. Injustice 2 works a bit differently.

In the single-player menu, head to the Multiverse. Here, there will be timed, global challenges with special rewards that rotate in and out every day for every player. That's not what we're here for, though. After completing the Multiverse tutorial, head to the planet on the bottom right, where you'll find the Battle Simulator. 

Head into the Battle Simulator and you'll find what is basically this game's arcade mode. There are different difficulty tiers with different rewards, but all of them will give you a character ending like an old-school fighting game after beating Brainiac. This is also a good single-player way to practice with a character, level them up and unlock gear. You'll also get small amounts of source crystals and loot boxes for your trouble. 

If you don't have the game or are just lazy, you can also watch every ending on YouTube.

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