'Tekken 7' Demo PS4, Xbox One and PC: Will there be a free demo for the new fighting game?


Video games are expensive. Not everyone can afford to throw down $60 for something without at least trying it out first. That's where free demos come in. Unfortunately, you're far from guaranteed to get a demo of any given game these days. Will Tekken 7 be an exception?

Tekken 7 demo: Will it be free to try on PS4, Xbox One or PC?

Tekken 7 makes its long-awaited console launch on PS4 on June 2. In other words: in just a couple weeks. Unfortunately, there's no word yet on whether there will be a way to try before you buy; Namco Bandai has yet to make an announcement in either direction on that front. 

Someone even made a petition to get a free Tekken 7 demo for PS4 — no joke. Unfortunately, it failed to meet its goal of 500 signatures and is now closed. However, you can still share the petition online if you're so inclined.

If Tekken 7 never gets a free demo, you'll just have to do what you do with most other games: Read reviews, watch streams and do whatever else you need to do to make an informed purchase. We'll let you know if a Tekken 7 demo suddenly drops, and you can expect plenty more coverage once the game officially arrives next month.

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