New Hampshire Rep. Robert Fisher resigns after unmasking as prominent internet misogynist


After he was outed as an internet misogynist, New Hampshire Rep. Robert Fisher resigned Wednesday, according to the Daily Beast, the outlet that originally identified him as the creator of men's rights Reddit forum "the Red Pill."

A House committee voted Wednesday not to take disciplinary action against Fisher, who had previously admitted to having made the Red Pill. According to the Daily Beast, he said under oath that it had been years since he'd taken an active part in the forum's conversations. 

But according to the report from April that unmasked Fisher as Reddit user PK_atheist, the account that launched the Red Pill, that's not at all true. Fisher was elected to the New Hampshire legislature in November 2014, and didn't abdicate his role as forum moderator until 2016. In October, according to the outlet, Fisher responded to a user's question about PK_atheist's whereabouts thusly: "I'm not dead. I pop in occasionally."

Elise Amendola/AP

After the vote, House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff said in a statement that Republicans had tried "to provide a cover for Representative Fisher" and that he would ask the attorney general to investigate whether or not Fisher perjured himself; then came the representative's resignation.

During his Manosphere reign, Fisher made a number of offensive comments about women, lamenting their "subpar intelligence" and lambasting them as gold diggers looking to leach money from their husbands, according to the Daily Beast. On many occasions, Fisher argued that women will eagerly cry rape if even remotely insulted. 

And in 2008, he offered perhaps his most stunning opinion: "I'm going to say it — rape isn't an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot," Fisher wrote. "I think he'd say it's quite good, really."