'Arrow' Season 5, Episode 22: Major characters return as Prometheus taunts Oliver


Episode 21 of Arrow ended with Adrian Chase laying down his sword and surrendering to Oliver. It was an anticlimactic end to a highly anticipated showdown: Prometheus versus the Green Arrow (imagine the PPV sales). But everything Prometheus has done to date has been for a purpose, and now, it is clear that Chase's surrender was just the beginning of his grand scheme for Oliver.  

[Editor's Note: Spoiler's ahead for season five, episode 22 of Arrow.]

In season five's penultimate episode, Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow decide to celebrate their victory over Prometheus. But soon one teammate after another goes missing — until only Oliver is left. As it turns out, Chase surrendered to Oliver for a specific purpose: So he could be set free. And while that may sound a bit dumb when read aloud, in reality, Chase is just able to make Oliver suffer in yet another way.

Returning characters

Katie Yu/The CW

In many ways, episode 22, titled "Missing," was just one big set-up for next week's sure-to-be explosive season finale. Sometimes these set-up episodes can be a tad disappointing; not this one. "Missing" had me on the edge of my seat as one major character after another returned. 

Talia al Ghul emerged from the shadows (though off-screen) to kidnap Dinah; Malcolm Merlyn returned to play father of the year after Thea is taken; and the episode ends with Slade Wilson smirking at Oliver from inside his ARGUS jail cell (more on that in a second). The biggest return, though, was Earth-2's Laurel Lance, aka Black Siren, who just had to tug at the heartstrings of her doppelganger's father. 

Black Siren's appearance is exciting, because from here on out actress Katie Cassidy will be a regular Arrow cast member. And while Laruel is currently on Prometheus' side, it seems likely that she will eventually turn, possibly due to her feelings for Oliver and Quentin, even if her connection is to the Earth-2 versions. I have to say, though, I kind of hope Laurel stays at least somewhat morally questionable, as Cassidy really excels in the villainous role. 

Lian Yu

Katie Yu/The CW

With the help of Talia al Ghul, Artemis and Black Siren, Chase is able to kidnap Thea, Felicity, John, Curtis and presumably Dinah and Rene. The price for their freedom is simple: If Oliver frees him, Chase will let them go. Still, Oliver resists giving into Chase's demands. That is, until he learns that his son, William, has also been taken. 

With his son's life now in jeopardy, Oliver teams with Merlyn to free Chase from his prison. But as it turns out, getting back his friends and family is not going to be so easy: Chase has taken them to Lian Yu. So, Oliver has to assemble a new team to take on Chase in what very well may be an island death match. And Oliver's temporary team is pretty formidable. 

It looks like it will be Green Arrow, Malcolm Merlyn, Nyssa al Ghul and Slade Wilson versus Prometheus, Black Siren, Talia al Ghul and Artemis (now that would break PPV records). Of course, I could be getting ahead of myself, as we do not actually hear Slade accept Oliver's invitation to help. But it is pretty likely he will, especially if the promo below is any indication. And if he does help his old foe, will that be enough to save Oliver's family? Can this team defeat Prometheus? 

We'll find out next week. 

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