'Overwatch' Anniversary Event: New dance emotes revealed ahead of update


Ahead of Overwatch's Anniversary event beginning on May 23, Blizzard is finally starting to reveal exactly what kinds of new cosmetic items fans can expect. Earlier on Thursday, Blizzard revealed three new arena maps, and now it's showing off some slick new dancing emotes, too.

Here's what to expect.

Overwatch Anniversary event: New dance emotes on the way

The video (embedded below) reveals new dance emotes for four characters: Sombra, Lúcio, Symmetra and Zenyatta.

It's unclear whether other characters will be getting dance emotes, too, or if the characters in the video embedded above are the only ones who will have the chance to boogie once Overwatch Anniversary begins.

And, for those of you clamoring for sitting and laughing emotes for Overwatch's newest heroes, Sombra and Orisa, don't worry: Those will be added to standard loot boxes once Anniversary drops, according to Polygon. Reaper will also be getting a new shrug emote as an homage to his snarky moment that fans loved in the Overwatch "Uprising" comic.

As Blizzard reveals more about Overwatch Anniversary, we'll keep you in the loop.

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