How did 'Twin Peaks' end? This is what happened in the 1991 season 2 finale.


Getting amped for the new installment of Twin Peaks? Haven't had the time to sit down for 50 minutes and get a refresher on how season two left things in the quirky, Pacific Northwestern town? No need to go storming into the red room demanding answers from the man from another place.  Here's a basic recap of what went down in the last episode of Twin Peaks, and where everyone ended up in the season two finale.

True love declared


The season two finale, also called "Beyond Life and Death," opens on Deputy Andy and Lucy in the sheriff's office after the mayhem that followed the Miss Twin Peaks pageant. Annie Blackburn had been kidnapped, which made Lucy somewhat unhinged. To calm her down, Andy tells her he wants to help her raise her baby. She kisses him and tells him she loves him

A mystery unraveling

In the conference room, Cooper, Hawk and Truman are trying to decipher the map to the black lodge. Cooper notes the symbol of fire on the map, and makes an important connection to the note that was written in blood at Laura's murder scene — "fire walk with me." The moment is interrupted by Pete Martell claiming the log lady stole his truck, and Cooper tries to explain to him it was actually Windom Earle disguised as the log lady. Truman then identifies the circle of 12 trees on the map as Glastonbury Grove, which is where he found pages of Laura's journal. The log lady comes in with a jar of engine oil from her husband saying it's from "the gateway to the woods."

Meanwhile, Windom Earle is bringing Annie into the woods to access the gateway into the black lodge. A red curtain appears, and he takes her inside.

True love doesn't work out


At the Hurleys' house, Big Ed and Norma dance lovingly while Ed's wife Nadine is being treated for a bump on the head she endured during the Miss Twin Peaks pageant. When she wakes up, she's no longer acting like a teen with super strength — her previous mental disorder — and is horrified to see her husband and Norma together. She falls to the floor in tears and, like that, Norma and Ed's love affair comes to a halt. 

Father and daughters

Over at the Hayward's, Donna readies herself to leave, because she just found out Ben Horne, Audrey's dad, is her real father. Horne explains to the Haywards he's just trying to do the right thing, and Doc Hayward punches him, which causes him to hit his head on the fireplace, rendering him unconscious. 

Back in the woods

Cooper and Truman find Pete's stolen truck in the woods, and start to look for Annie. Cooper hears an owl and sees a pool of engine oil — the kind the log lady brought him — in a clearing. A red curtain appears. Cooper goes behind it, then it disappears. Truman watches the whole thing.

Cooper's now in a world that looks just like the red room from his visions.  The man from another place is there dancing as usual. 

A bank disaster


Meanwhile, Audrey's chained herself to the vault in the bank for environmentalist reasons. When Andrew Packard comes to open his safety deposit box and see what Thomas has left him, he finds a note saying, "Got you, Andrew! Love, Thomas," and a bomb. The bank is blown to pieces with Audrey inside.

A mysterious message 

Back at the Double-R Diner, Bobby proposes to Shelly, who reminds him she's still technically married to Leo. Suddenly Dr. Jacoby arrives with Sarah Palmer, who delivers an ominous message to Major Briggs, Bobby's father: "I'm in the black lodge with Dale Cooper. I'm waiting for you."

The black lodge


In the black lodge, a lot of strange, unexplained things happen at once. Laura appears, says she'll see Cooper again in 25 years, then leaves. The waiter from the Great Northern appears and brings Cooper coffee, then is replaced by the giant from Cooper's visions, who says he and the waiter are one in the same, just like how Leland Palmer and Bob are the same.

There's an explosion, and Cooper runs room to room, presumably looking for Annie. Instead he finds an evil-looking Laura who screams a lot, then he finds an image of himself and Annie — he's bleeding from the chest, and she from the neck. He runs from the room into Annie, who suddenly morphs into his dead lover Caroline, then into Laura, then Windom Earle. 

Earle says he'll let Annie go if Cooper gives him his soul. Cooper agrees, then suddenly Bob appears saying Earle's not allowed to ask for Coopers soul, so Bob takes Earle's instead. Earle bursts into flames and dies. Cooper tries to get out, but is confronted by a version of Leland, then an evil version of himself.


The scene cuts to Truman finding Cooper and Annie's unconscious bodies in the woods as the red curtain disappears. 

Cooper wakes up in bed, and asks after Annie. Truman says she's in the hospital, but okay. Cooper gets up to go to the bathroom. As he starts brushing his teeth, he morphs into the evil version of himself, and smashes his head into the mirror.  When he looks up, he sees Bob's face as his reflection. He keeps asking "How's Annie?" while laughing as Dr. Hayward and Truman ask if he's okay. The episode ends with the real Agent Cooper seemingly no longer in possession of his own body. 

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