It's not just Donald. Melania Trump has also had it with the media and White House leaks.


She doesn't yet live in the White House, but that doesn't mean Melania Trump doesn't have a role to play in her husband's embattled administration.

According to Politico, the New York-based first lady has been acting as a kind of unofficial media strategist for President Donald Trump over his first months in office.

"Melania Trump is an avid consumer of cable news, and often tracks the news of the day and will alert her husband to stories she thinks make him look bad," Politico reported Saturday. "She has raised concerns that some on his communications and press team aren't doing enough to defend him, according to aides and sources close to the president. She's been especially troubled by background quotes in which West Wing aides criticize the president, and she's called the president to discuss it."

It wouldn't be the first time Melania's looked out for Donald. At the White House Easter Egg Roll in April, she reminded the president to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem with a gentle nudge.

But the report does suggest the first lady has a more influential role in the administration than she often seems to.

Melania Trump — who seemingly lifted chunks of her speech at the Republican National Convention during the campaign from a Michelle Obama speech — has stayed at Trump Tower since her husband moved to Washington while their son, Barron, finishes the school year. Many have mused about the nature of their marriage; earlier this month, her personal Twitter account briefly "liked" a tweet mocking their relationship.

But the Politico report paints a different picture of Melania Trump — one where she is not a reluctant bystander to her husband's administration but an active, behind-the-scenes participant.

Aides to Trump told Politico that the president calls her — along with his businessman buddies Carl Icahn, Rupert Murdoch and Chris Ruddy — nightly to see how news about his administration is being received outside of D.C.

Like President Trump, the first lady has been irked by leaks and has been frustrated with her husband's spokespeople, particularly White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

"She was really concerned that Spicer was not doing a good job, that they were not proactive in defending the president," an outside adviser with regular contact to Trump told Politico. "The leaks bother her. She believes a lot of people are more interested in serving themselves than him."

President Trump, too, has grown increasingly angry with his press team as scandal sinks his administration deeper and deeper into chaos. Displeased with his team's handling of the firing of FBI Director James Comey, he even floated the idea of canceling press briefings entirely.

Trump's long-running battle with the media over what he considers unfair news coverage has also continued through the controversy-riddled last two weeks, taking his typical shots at the "fake" media and describing the investigation into his campaign's Russia ties a "witch hunt."

Melania is accompanying Donald on his nine-day, five-city overseas trip. In an appearance with her on Mother's Day, the president said Melania was an "incredible woman" who was "working so hard as your first lady."