'Destiny 2' Cross-Play: The Bungie sequel won't interact across PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4


Between the three extremely cool new subclasses for Destiny 2 and the promise of an open beta this summer, fans of Bungie's epic sci-fi FPS have a lot to look forward to. Sadly, the PC version might not release concurrently with the console version, and there looks to be another snag for the Battle.net-hosted version: Destiny 2 won't have cross-platform saves and is unlikely to have cross-platform play, either.

If that's all Greek to you — and you need a little more information on what it means for your ability to play Destiny 2 with your friends — keep reading.

Destiny 2 cross-play: Choose your platform wisely

According to USGamer, Destiny 2 art director Mike Zak confirmed that once you start playing the game on a particular platform — whether that's XBox One, PlayStation 4 or PC — you're pretty much locked in unless you want to start all over again. Zak encouraged players to stick with the version of the game where they'll have the most friends to play with, or to use the newly announced "Guided Games" feature to make new friends.

Although it hasn't been specifically mentioned, another thorny issue being brought to the forefront of Destiny 2 in the wake of the PC announcement is that of cross-platform play. Some sites like TechGage have argued cross-platform play for PvE wouldn't really matter, since strikes have Guardians all working toward the same objective — in essence, no one's going to complain if your strike team manages to waste that Archon before it has a chance to turn your Warlock into a fine red mist, because keyboard and mouse allows for more precise aiming.

It seems unlikely we'd see cross-platform ranked multiplayer, however. In a thread on the Destiny subreddit, a user raised the observation that even in games allowing cross-platform PvP — like Gears of War 4 — ranked multiplayer is specifically excluded because PC players have a bit of an advantage in such matchups.

It seems extra unlikely Destiny 2 would include cross-platform multiplayer considering Overwatch, another Activision-Blizzard property, doesn't have it for that very reason. Of course, without explicit confirmation, it remains to be seen — but we echo USGamer when we say to choose your platform wisely.

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